Parallel Traces Contest

Parallel Traces Contest

Opening: April 1, 2019
Deadline: June 26, 2019
Location: Countries of the Council of Europe
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €1,000, €1,500, Participation in the Exhibition

Take part to the pan-European open call for digital photographers and audiovisual creators!

€5,000 will be awarded to the authors of the most striking artworks, and up to 20 creations will be exhibited all over Europe.

Participation to the competition is free and open to photographers and audiovisual creators of legal age who are residents of any country of the Council of Europe.

Each artist can enter only one submission.

Artworks must relate to the Jewish Heritage of the participant cities and fit into one of the defined categories; each entry must define that relationship to one of the participating cities: Girona; Wroclaw; Tbilisi; Sighet (including the Maramureș region) and Belgrade at the time of submission.

Participants will have the option of presenting either a single piece of work or a series, consisting of up to 3 elements (such as independent photographs) sharing a common theme or a single title. Series will be judged as a whole.

Categories & Themes

From Now: Presence at Present

In this category participants will focus in discovering whatever remains of Jewish Heritage in the urban tissue. The keys to this discovery are in the cities themselves. Finding them is just an exercise of running into them. An arch inviting you to go through it, a door, an inscription on a wall, a bridge, all of them are elements, which configure a district, a neighborhood, a historic center. They have remained there for centuries as a part of the daily life and being used for the same purposes for which they were built. Arches that open, bridges that communicate, doors and shops that appeal to you. They were used and still are by the citizens.

From the past: Pictures with History

Artworks in this category may be joined by written texts as a complement. The text will have to be submitted in english. Text and the digital photographs or the audiovisual work must form a single coherent body of work. Inspiration may be sought from old photographs, from written testimonies or from any other source that allows comparing the past with the present.


  • First prize in the category FROM NOW: €1,500
  • First prize in the category FROM THE PAST: €1,500
  • Second prize in the category FROM NOW: €1,000
  • Second prize in the category FROM THE PAST: €1,000

Those works will be included along with the work by Guest artists in a travelling exhibition that will be shown in the participant cities from September 2019.

The winning artists will have the possibility to travel, cost covered, to one participating country exhibition other that their own.

Honorable mention of a maximum of 20 works will be selected among the participants. These works will have the possibility of being presented in the Parallel Traces exhibition, depending on the capacity of the exhibition halls of the organizing institutions.



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