Northwoods Wildlife Center Photo Contest

Northwoods Wildlife Center Photo Contest

Deadline: February 1, 2021
Entry Fee: $15
Prizes: $50, $100

This is an amateur contest. Photographers that receive greater than 25% of their annual income through photography, or consider themselves professionals, are ineligible.

Watermarks on the photos are prohibited.

Categories & Prizes

  • North American Wildlife
    Any wildlife species native to North America, including all wild mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.
    $100 First Prize and Photograph of the Year Designation.
  • Naturescapes
    Showcase the beauty of natural landscapes, such as lakes, sunsets, sunrises, forests, or mountain scenes, etc.
    $50 First Prize.
  • Bugs and Blooms
    Close-up shots involving insects, flowers, plants, or any combination.
    $50 First Prize.
  • People in Nature
    Photos involving people enjoying the great outdoors.
    $50 First Prize.
  • Pets
    Any domestic pet species is allowed – cats, dogs, birds, horses, chickens, snakes, etc.
    $50 First Prize.

Entry Fee

  • $15 per photo


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