MyWed Award – Annual Wedding Photographers Contest

MyWed Award - Annual Wedding Photographers Contest

Opening: October 1, 2019
Deadline: November 2, 2019
Entry fee: $45, members of MyWed Pro – free of charge
Prizes: the total prize fund is $6,000, valuable prizes

12 Main Nominations:

  • Engagement
  • Getting ready
  • Details
  • Wedding guests
  • Ceremony
  • Rings
  • Family portrait
  • Heroes of the day
  • Wedding party
  • First dance
  • The bouquet toss
  • Cake cutting

+ 8 Additional Nominations: change every year

Website of Photo Contest:

MyWed Award 2017 Winners

© Ken Pak, Photographer of the year, MyWed Award
© Ken Pak
Photographer of the year


© Jorge Romero, Engagement Winner, MyWed Award
© Jorge Romero
Engagement Winner


© Gustavo Liceaga, Getting ready Winner, MyWed Award
© Gustavo Liceaga
Getting Ready Winner


© Vormkrijger Be, Details Winner, MyWed Award
© Vormkrijger Be
Details Winner


© Soven Amatya, Wedding Guests Winner, MyWed Award
© Soven Amatya
Wedding Guests Winner


© Andreu Doz, Ceremony Winner, MyWed Award
© Andreu Doz
Ceremony Winner


© Alexander Vasilev, Rings Winner, MyWed Award
© Alexander Vasilev
Rings Winner


© Roman Matejov, Family Portrait Winner, MyWed Award
© Roman Matejov
Family Portrait Winner


© Egor Zhelov, Heroes Of The Day Winner, MyWed Award
© Egor Zhelov
Heroes Of The Day Winner


© David Hofman, Wedding Party Winner, MyWed Award
© David Hofman
Wedding Party Winner


© Alejandro Gutierrez, First Dance Winner, MyWed Award
© Alejandro Gutierrez
First Dance Winner


© Jorge Romero, The Bouquet Toss Winner, MyWed Award
© Jorge Romero
The Bouquet Toss Winner


© Soven Amatya, Cake Cutting Winner, MyWed Award
© Soven Amatya
Cake Cutting Winner


© Pablo Macaro, Gadgets Winner, MyWed Award
© Pablo Macaro
Gadgets Winner


© Vinci Wang, Camera Angle Winner, MyWed Award
© Vinci Wang
Camera Angle Winner


© Arjan Van Der Plaat, Moment Winner, MyWed Award
© Arjan Van Der Plaat
Moment Winner


© Vinci Wang, Framing Winner, MyWed Award
© Vinci Wang
Framing Winner


© Alexey Malyshev, Recognizable World's Places Winner, MyWed Award
© Alexey Malyshev
Recognizable World’s Places Winner


© Rino Cordella, Traditions Winner, MyWed Award
© Rino Cordella
Traditions Winner


© Ilya Richter, Rotated Photographs Winner, MyWed Award
© Ilya Richter
Rotated Photographs Winner


© George Stan, Higher And Higher Winner, MyWed Award
© George Stan
Higher And Higher Winner


Gomma Photography Grant
Gomma Photography Grant



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