Language Call for Exhibition

Language Call for Exhibition

Deadline: February 7, 2021
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan

Language is a code, “a system of conventional symbols” that we use to communicate a message, an intention, a will, a wish, a desire, but also to share thoughts, ideas and to exchange opinions.

Language is variable, flexible possibly based on precise rules. It can be understood, misunderstood or it can cause barriers. It can be spoken, written, painted, reproduced, fragmented, or even destroyed.

This call would like to gather digital artworks, pictures and videos that are able to represent the multifaceted world of languages, their features and contradictions.

Accepted media

  • Photography
  • Digital Visual Design
  • Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. May 2021

Free Entry

Photographers, Visual Designers and Video artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 works addressing the theme.


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