Glitches and Defects Art Competition by LoosenArt

Glitches and Defects Art Competition by LoosenArt

Deadline: April 7, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. July 2019

LoosenArt is an on line gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary visual arts, born and based on principles of contemporaneity.

The LoosenArt Gallery Artwork offers are not covered by commercial logic widespread in the contemporary art system, where the value of the same artwork reflects the costs to possess it.

Our offers are the expression of an interest to reach a common goal, that both the gallery and its artists share. A value, which even more importantly, can be traced in the recognition of a principle rooted in the natural urge to communicate and participate, in response to that innate need for meeting others.

Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme.

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Visual Data.

Theme: Glitches and Defects

In the digital age we are surrounded by images, an overload of saturated media. We demand for high quality and expectations of technology to produce seamless perfection, we are used to seeing and expect a seamless flow of information on screens. A technical failure in digital technology can interfere our viewing experience, glitches and defects within any medium are accident that disturb our senses.

What happens when the technology fails? Photographers and digital visual designers are invited to submit works that offers a vision on the topic.



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