Open Call Immigrantopolis

Open Call Immigrantopolis

Opening: January 28, 2019
Deadline: March 31, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: a free stay of 3 nights in Trieste during Trieste Photo Days 2019, participation in the exhibition in Krakow, publication in prestigious volume

dotART cultural association through Exhibit Around platform together with the Department of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, launches a new open call for entries for the project Immigrantopolis.

We are looking for photographers interested in submitting single photos and/or projects/portfolios focused on the presence of immigrants in urban space.

The best photos and projects will converge in a prestigious photographic volume that will be presented during the Trieste Photo Days opening weekend (end of October 2019). A selection of the best photos will become part of a big international collective exhibition in Krakow (Poland).


  • Images/Portraits of various immigrants groups in urban space: people, groups, not only refugees but also different European and non-European groups
  • Immigrant neighborhoods and enclaves in urban space
  • All manifestations of immigrants’ existence and presence in urban space: ethnic stores, restaurants, architecture, places of worship, signboards, immigrants’ arts
  • Daily and ceremonial life of immigrants in urban space: various forms of activity, occupational activity, parades and ethnic festivals, daily life, relations with others



Photographic Projects Contest “Educating the Eye” by Library Mercè Rodoreda
Photographic Projects Contest “Educating the Eye” by Library Mercè Rodoreda


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