IGPOTY – Black & White Competition

IGPOTY - Black & White Competition

Opening: February 12, 2019
Deadline: March 30, 2019
Entry fee: £12 (Single Entry Slots x 4) / £25 (Portfolio)
Prizes: £500, 1 x prize copy of IGPOTY Book 13, individual certificates, participation in the exhibition

The IGPOTY calendar begins with the brilliant Black & White Photo Project. Be creative, explore different botanical shapes and take advantage of the texture, patterns and shapes emphasised by the increased contrast of black and white.

You can use the existing IGPOTY main categories to theme your black & white images only within the realms of ‘garden photography’.

Through use of black and white, aim to capture a new experience, essence or feeling that colour will struggle to express.

Website: https://igpoty.com/competitions/black-and-white-13/


The Baron Prize for Photography
The Baron Prize for Photography


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