Our World is Kind Photo Contest

Envision Kindness Photo Contest

Deadline: June 30, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: $100, $500

Do you believe the world can be a kinder and happier place? It can, through your photography.

The 2018 Our World is Kind photography contest received more than 2000 submissions from 850+ photographers in over 100 countries. There were so many wonderful and inspiring images of kindness, compassion, joy, and love.

That’s why we’re back again for 2019, seeking images from kind and talented photographers from around the world.

New this year! Capture the work of your favorite non-profit or volunteer organization to be eligible for a new prize celebrating their work. Both you AND your favorite organization may take home a prize!

Who’s Behind the Contest?

Envision Kindness is a non-profit that inspires kindness, compassion, joy, and love through still and video photography. We share the best images to inspire people wherever they are. Some we make into videos like Monsoon Humanity.

Science shows that exposure to images of kindness can help people be kinder, happier, and more optimistic and generous. The more that we share, the more compassionate, empathetic, happy, and healthy our communities can be.

What Does Kindness Look Like?

Where do you see moments of kindness in your community? What stories can you tell?

Your photos can document real life experiences or illustrate a concept. What does kindness look like to you?

Kind People

We see kindness in people every day. In people we know and those we haven’t met yet. People lending a hand, helping others, sharing a meal, a smile, or paying it forward. And self-kindness.

Kindness in Nature

There is kindness in animals, in a heart shape leaf, in hikers lending a hand, in protecting the environment, and much more. When we take the time, we can see kindness all around.

Kindness in the Community

Our communities are filled with kindness! At work, in places of worship, from non-profits, through fundraising efforts, and in public spaces and shops. Showcase your community organization!


First Place

  • $500

Nonprofit Honoree

  • $500

Public Choice

  • $500

Honorable Mention

  • $100 (3)

Website: https://www.envisionkindnesscontest.org/

Envision Kindness Photo Contest 2017 Winners

Brothers #2, © Partha Pratim Saha, 1st Place, Envision Kindness Photo Contest
Brothers #2
© Partha Pratim Saha
1st Place

The children living near opencast coal mining sites are affected by acute and chronic respiratory health. Elder brother is caring his ailing brother in such a coal mine area.


Love to the Animals, © Rashad Mehdiyev, People’s Choice, Envision Kindness Photo Contest
Love to the Animals
© Rashad Mehdiyev
People’s Choice

A little girl who loves animals and cares about them. The photo was taken in the mountains of the Bakuriani in Georgia in 2016.


Honorable Mention

Peace and Tranquility, © Leyla Emektar, Envision Kindness Photo Contest
Peace and Tranquility
© Leyla Emektar

Peace is established beginning from our surroundings. I believe it starts with loving your siblings, friends, neighbours, nation, neighbouring countries and in the end all the people around the world. Everything starts with living in peace.


Source of Life, © Patrick Kelley, Envision Kindness Photo Contest
Source of Life
© Patrick Kelley

A small village in Mozambique, children of the community celebrate a newly restored water-well by the volunteer organization VOX United. I had a the pleasure of witnessing the joy of the children as they feel the fresh, clean water on their hands, something that particular community hadn’t had in over 6 years.


Save Water, Save Life, © Nimai Chandra Ghosh, Envision Kindness Photo Contest
Save Water, Save Life
© Nimai Chandra Ghosh

A little girl is helping an old man by giving him.


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