Black & White Photography Awards – Dodho Magazine

Black & White Photography Awards - Dodho Magazine

Deadline: September 29, 2019
Entry fee: from €30 to €60
Prizes: €1,000, Gold Diploma, Presentation in the Book

We look for the best portfolios and photographic projects in black and white for the 2019 year

We invite you to participate in the third edition of the dodho prizes in black and white. We are eager to see projects, portfolios or project bodies with new focus points and innovative approaches, as well as portfolios and projects within the more traditional black and white photography.

The contest is open to any black and white photography interpretation, from photojournalism, street photography, artistic photography, portrait, nude, landscapes. Any genre has room for the dodho 2019 black and white awards. The only requirement is to have a view of the world around us and a unique and personal speech. If you have a portfolio or a project in black and white, ¡We are waiting for you!

Ten finalists, two special mentions, two selected photographers and a single winner will be selected for the prizes and benefits of this edition of the black and white dodho awards.

The Dodho Awards are designed for you and your work achieve international recognition

Dedicated to putting the focus of attention to talented photographers and new works or to projects need to be launched in a definitive and forceful way in the industry. Amateur and professional photographers are capturing images and taking wonderful projects around the world. All registrations submitted are considered by our jury without the author’s data, this means that we do not find out the author’s project or portfolio until the entire selection process is finished.

An international jury composed of Arnis Balcus, Riga Photomonth (Riga), the galleries’ directors; Klompching Gallery (New York) Erdmann Gallery (Cape Town) and Galerie Thierry Bigaignon (Paris), Shanthy Jeuland, Coco PR&Communications Agency (Singapore), Chris Davies, Los Angeles festival of photography (Los Angeles), Aquin Mathews, Indian photography festival (Hyderabad), founder of Imagerights International (Boston) and Dodho Magazine management team will select award-winning works and photographers in this third edition of the 2019 Dodho prizes in black and white .


The absolute winner will receive as A PRIZE THE AMOUNT OF 1000 EUROS to be delivered within a maximum period of 5 days from the jury’s resolution. Funds will be transferred via Paypal or bank transfer. You will also receive the gold diploma will accredit you as the best photographer in 2019 plus a preferential presentation in the book to be published next November “Black & White – Best Photographers of 2019 Year.”

Copyrights & Usage Rights

All participants to Black & White 2019, by virtue of their presentation, believing the images and projects presented are their own work and there has been no infringement of copyright. Dodho is not responsible for any infringement of rights may arise during the selection process and subsequent display of any image. The entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the photograph, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the photograph. The projects will be judged by a professional and relevant jury in the photography field, with no flare and none of the author data. The jury’s decision will not be appealable and will be definitive.

The images and projects copyright will be exclusively and at all times of the photographer and author of the project. The images will use strictly in relation to the Dodho prizes and will not be used for other purposes than the direct promotion of their authors. The images may not be used in any case by any third party without the express consent of the author and by written request, which will be sent to the author by email. Dodho is granted the right to publish the best works received in its online version and subsequent promotion in its social networks, always safeguarding authorship and copyright.


Black & White Photography Awards 2018 Winners

Photographer of the Year B&W 2018
© Oliver Klink, USA
Spirit of the Village

© Oliver Klink, USA, Spirit of the Village, Photographer of the Year B&W 2018


Second Place
© Nick Gandano, Spain

© Nick Gandano, Spain, Anthracite, Second Place


Third Place
© Anup Shah, Kenya
The Mara

© Anup Shah, Kenya, The Mara, Third Place


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