CVCEPHOTO Contest 2019




Opening: January 1, 2019
Deadline: March 31, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €300, €700, €1,400, valuable prizes

CVCEPHOTO is the International Mountain Activity Photo Contest organized by Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, mountaineering club from San Sebastian.

Theme: “MOUNTAIN ACTIVITY”: Any image related to sport activities (non-motorized) that take place on mountains. (For instance: alpinism, climbing, ski, trekking, speleology, paragliding…)

Website of Photo Contest:

CVCEPHOTO Contest 2017 Winners

Dream Green, © David Wrangborg, Photographer of the Year, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Dream Green
© David Wrangborg
Photographer of the Year


The Totem, © Krystle Wright, 2nd place, CVCEPHOTO Contest
The Totem
© Krystle Wright
2nd place


Magic Ice, © Rainer Eder, 3rd place, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Magic Ice
© Rainer Eder
3rd place


The Lighthouse, © Christoph Jorda, BMFF winner, CVCEPHOTO Contest
The Lighthouse
© Christoph Jorda
BMFF winner


Ventisca, © Alex Iranzo, CVCEPHOTO Contest
© Alex Iranzo


Ice Cave, © Christoph Jorda, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Ice Cave
© Christoph Jorda


Go big or go home, © David Martinez, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Go big or go home
© David Martinez


Towards Adventure, © David Wrangborg, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Towards Adventure
© David Wrangborg


Ice Paradise, © Javier Camacho, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Ice Paradise
© Javier Camacho


Climbing Pedriza, © Javier Sanchez, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Climbing Pedriza
© Javier Sanchez


Martian Mountains, © Jose Allende, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Martian Mountains
© Jose Allende


Chilling Out, © Kamil Sustiak, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Chilling Out
© Kamil Sustiak


Steph Daves. The Joker 5.12+, © Krystle Wright, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Steph Daves. The Joker 5.12+
© Krystle Wright


Our Small Mountain Sanctuary, © Lachlan Gardiner, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Our Small Mountain Sanctuary
© Lachlan Gardiner


Cave Diving, © Marcio Cabral, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Cave Diving
© Marcio Cabral


Adrenaline, © Alex Buisse, CVCEPHOTO Contest
© Alex Buisse


The Wizard of Frad, © Kamil Sustiak, CVCEPHOTO Contest
The Wizard of Frad
© Kamil Sustiak


Ganesha, © Stephan Schlumpf, CVCEPHOTO Contest
© Stephan Schlumpf


Raven's View, © Paul Bride, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Raven’s View
© Paul Bride


Dent du Geant, Assault, © Thomas Crauwels, CVCEPHOTO Contest
Dent du Geant, Assault
© Thomas Crauwels


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