Primordial Feeling Call for Entries – Cornel/Henry Art

Primordial Feeling Call for Entries - Cornel/Henry Art

Deadline: February 29, 2020
Entry fee: from $15 to $30
Prizes: participation in the exhibition, publication in the journal

We are seeking an amazing photographer to be awarded our inaugural 2020 C/HA Artist Award, and be produced/exhibited for free in our gallery between Jun 19 – Jul 26, 2020.

Submit your best work expressing your view/perspective of what primordial feeling means to you: ie. first in order; existing from the beginning; in a rudimentary state; firstly formed; first principle/element (from Latin: primus = first, ordo = order.)

Selected works from all the submissions received will also be also published in our inaugural photography magazine ‘Cornel/Henry Sees’ in the Summer of 2020.

This exhibition is open to all photographic styles and techniques.



The Independent Photographer
The Independent Photographer


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