Chania International Photo Festival

Chania International Photo Festival

Deadline: March 31, 2020
Entry fee: €39 – only those who will be chosen to participate in the festival will have to pay
Prizes: participation in the exhibition

Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather more than 300 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography. During the last two years, we managed to make this festival an established international institution. In our effort the Municipality of Chania responded favorably as a co organiser, offering the venues for the festival to be held.

All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest.

The submission of photographs for the specific contest is free.

Only the artists who will be chosen to participate in the exhibition and be presented at the web page of Cip festival, will have to pay the participation fee.

Each photographer is entitled to a single submission to which he may submit from one to five photographs.


  • Cityscape
    It is the artistic representation of the physical aspect of urban and public places. The atmosphere and the scenes of everyday life are part of the cityscape photography. Everybody is on the run. The pace of life never slows down. There is a hectic rhythm full of noise and shouts. All these happening around tall, impressive buildings that are part of the city and its character.
  • Monochrome
    Monochrome photography has always been a beloved genre of photography. The existence of only one color functions as an incentive that unlocks feelings and leads viewers to new paths of realization.
  • Fine art
    It stands in contrast to representational photography, which provides a visual account of specific subjects and events.
    It is the way photographers see the world around them and communicate it to their viewers. It’s a totally personal way of expression, which helps all of us realize what happens in the mind of a photographer. It is our window to the artist’s world and that is why it is so fascinating.
  • Street Photography
    Urban environment is the perfect set for Street Photography.
    People moving around the city are the subjects of the photographers. Most of the photographs are candid and spontaneous. No one cares if the image is sharp or blurred, colored or black and white. Everything that matters is the atmosphere of the city and the depiction of everyday life.
  • Landscape
    It is a genre many photographers like and are willing to travel all over the world just to depict places that are out of the ordinary.
    Some of the most beautiful and impressive places on earth. There are breathtaking photographs taken by both amateur and professional photographers, of places totally untouched by the human hand and others where the human element exists in harmony with nature.
    All kinds of landscapes are welcome to take part in the contest.
  • Travelling
    Travel photography expresses the feelings someone experiences when travelling to a place. Feelings connected to the land, the time, the culture, the people and most importantly to first impressions.
    Seeing a place for the first time can provoke a number of strong feelings. Photographers have the privilege to be able to depict these feelings through their photographs, giving a very interesting final result to the viewers.
  • Color
    We see and think in color. Colors can be found everywhere. They play a dominant role in our lives and our psychology. They have the power to create moods, evoke emotions, make our days brighter or duller and show the world in a different way. They attract our attention and provoke our creativity. We always like photographs full of color, with the power to create strong feelings.
  • Portraits
    People and their expressions have always been an interesting subject for photographers. It is really challenging to try to capture the emotions and the mood of a person in just one shot. It is also always interesting to see what the photographers see on the people they have photographed. This relationship is always interesting to be seen as it is developed through “Portraits”.
  • Wildlife
    Wild animals’ photographs, taken in their natural habitat, in different areas of the planet, showing the beauty hidden in wildlife, is something we have totally forgotten in the western world.
    What is dominant in these photos is the photographers’ love for what they are doing. This love and understanding of the animals is obvious in the way the animals are presented, in all their glory and beauty, leaving the viewer speechless.
  • Abstract
    Abstract photography is a means of depicting an image that does not have an immeidiate association with the object world. It can isolate a fragment in order to create something unreal from a real object. It’s main purpose is to convey a feeling, a sensation or an impression. It draws away from natural appearances and recognizable subjects in the actual world.
  • Architecture
    Architecture is a broad subject, encompassing everything from skyscrapers to shacks. Virtually everywhere we go we are surrounded by some sort of architecture on a daily basis. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that architecture is such a popular subject in photography. Photographing buildings and structures that are beautiful in the eyes of the photographer is very interesting Buildings have always been valued subjects as they represent the society and the culture of the time.
  • Conceptual
    Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea. The ‘concept’ is both preconceived and, if successful, understandable in the completed image. Photographs might also be digitally manipulated to achieve the final effect desired by the photographer. Modern technology has enabled this type of photography to become more surreal, allowing the photographer to join together images or objects that would otherwise be impossible to juxtapose.
  • Documentary
    It usually refers to a form of photography used to present events or environments significant and relevant to history as well as everyday life.
    Photographs are meant to describe unknown, hidden, forbidden, or difficult-to-access places or circumstances. Documentary photography generally relates to long-term projects with a more complex story line.
  • Micro
    By some definitions, a macro photograph refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size. Macro photography encourages the photographer to take a closer look. It enables the shooter to search harder for minute subject matter and to make the everyday objects appear extraordinary. Also it gives people the oportunity to discover new worlds, totaly unseen to the naked eye.
  • Nature
    A wide range of photography, taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements.
    Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres. It depicts all branches of natural history and can be broken down into many sub genres, covering all the fields related to nature one can imagine; from air up to water.
  • Panoramic
    Wide format photographs that present us with virtual tours of the shot subjects. That way much more that what eyes can see are included in a single photo. There is a wide perspective to the scene, and thus the effect of vastness is achieved. Panoramic photos manage to give a new perspective to the world around us and thus enchant the viewers.

Entry Fees

Only those who will be chosen to participate in the festival will have to pay.

The participation fee for the chosen photographers is €39.

If more than one photographs are chosen to be exhibited at the festival from the same artist, the above amount remains the same.



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Spirit of Flight Photography Competition


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