Cascadia Photography Competition

Cascadia Photography Competition

Deadline: August 19, 2019
Entry fee: from $10 to $30
Prizes: Participation in the Exhibition, Valuable Prizes

We are interested in submissions both showing people engaging in the sports or activities, and people doing things associated with them – both a skier hucking a cornice, and a skier sitting on their skis having lunch.


  • Sport
    The key element of the photo is one or more people engaging in an activity in the natural environment or mountains – for example, hiking, climbing, or skiing.
  • Landscape
    The key element of the photo is the physical environment, be it on a small scale such as a rock or a large scale such as a mountain or the ocean; people may be present in the photo, but are not a key element.
  • Environmental Stewardship
    Photos making a statement about our impact on the environment or showing how people are trying to improve the environment. Examples may be people cleaning up a shoreline, or a pollution spill.
  • Portrait
    A photo the captures the essence of a human being in the context of the natural environment or mountains, or of a person who has been significant or instrumental on the natural environment.
  • Wildlife
    The key element is an animal; this would typically be a non-domesticated (wild) animal, but may be a domesticated animal (dog, cattle, etc) in the natural environment.


  • Grand Prize
    The best image from all submissions
  • Best of Cascadia
    The best image (other than the Grand Prize image) taken in Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) by a photographer based at the time or currently in Cascadia

Category prizes will be awarded after the Grand Prize and Best of Cascadia winners have been selected. No image may receive more than one prize. No photographer may win more than one prize, unless the jury feels it is imperative to provide the best winning line-up – even in this case, no photographer may win more than one prize in the same category, and no more than two prizes overall. Other prizes may be added at the discretion of competition management.



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