Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival – VIMFF

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - VIMFF

Deadline: January 20, 2020
Entry fee: from $10 to $30
Prizes: valuable prizes, participation in the exhibition

Submissions may come from any part of the world.

Submissions must be identified as being under one, and only one, of the following categories, although the same image may be submitted more than once under different categories.

All photos must have a clear mountain connection and be submitted under one of the following categories.


  • Mountain Adventure & Sport
    Photos of people engaged in climbing, running, hiking, or any other sport
  • Mountain Culture and People
    Photos of people, who are not engaged in sport. Perhaps making a meal, or someone you came across on the trail
  • Mountain Landscape
    Photos of the natural setting, possibly with people, but the people are not the core subject
  • Mountain Painting
    We are happy to announce a new category for paintings and other non-photographic art. Take a photo of your work, and submit. As far as possible, we will judge on the merits of the art piece rather than the quality of the photograph, but a good quality photograph will make it easier to appreciate the piece in question


  • Grand prize
    Best of all submitted images
  • Best of BC
    Best image taken in British Columbia by a photographer based in British Columbia
  • Best of Environmental Stewardship
    Best image depicting environmental stewardship or with an environmental message
  • Youth Prize
    Best image taken by a photographer 16 years or under at the closing date for submissions

Entry Fee

Entries must be accompanied by a payment of $10 for 1 image, $20 for 2 images, $25 for 3 images and $30 for 4 and 5 images unless otherwise instructed by VIMFF.



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