Open Call – The light observer magazine

Open Call - The light observer magazine

Deadline: March 30, 2020
Entry fee: magazine subscription
Prizes: publication a book or zine

About the Magazine

The light observer is a biannual independent magazine that investigates our relationship with light through in depth articles and interviews, mixing upcoming and well known artists, photographers, architects, scientists, designers. The first issue have seen the participation of Rosa Barba, Marco Graziaplena, Guillaume Simoneau, Nathalie du Pasquier, Jessica Eaton and more. All of them sharing with us their thoughts or creating projects on a subject that is part of our everyday life while remaining mysterious and poetic: light.

The Opportunity: Have Your Work Published

The light observer is giving the winner of this #thelightobservercall 1st edition the opportunity of having their work published. All choices in terms of design, format, materials and printing techniques used for the publication will very much depend on the nature of the selected project. The number of copies printed can’t be established beforehand since it will depend on the nature of the work published, yet we undertake to publish a minimum of 300 copies. The artist can choose to talk about the topic of light using the medium of representation he/she prefers – painting, photography, illustration, writing, sculpture etc..

What the light observer Offers + What Is Expected from the Winner

We will cover the costs of designing, overlooking pre-press, printing, distributing and promoting the final publication, which will be published in 2020. The winner will also receive 10% of the total number of copies that will be printed.

The project will be under the supervision of Eleonora Paciullo who has worked with GOST Books, Witty Kiwi, Zatara Press and now develops projects for MAGNUM photographer Joan Fontcuberta.

Who Can pArticipate + How?

  • #thelightobservercall 1st edition is open to all photographers, artists, writers, poets, painters, no matter what your age, gender or nationality is. The project should be linked somehow to Light, all the projects that do not satisfy this requirement won’t be kept in consideration.
  • To participate you have to subscribe to the light observer magazine available on Kickstarter and send us an email together with your project.
  • If you have a photographic or artistic project please send us at least 20 pictures.


  • #thelightobservercall 1st Edition will close on the 30th of March 2020 at midnight (Central European Time)
  • The winner will be announced in April 2020



Eversure Photographer of the Year
Eversure Photographer of the Year


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