Nature Photographer of the Year

Nature Photographer of the Year

Deadline: May 10, 2020
Entry fee: from €16,50 to €42,50, Young – Free
Prizes: €500, €1,000, €3,000 in cash, €125, €250 in products, valuable prizes, participation in exhibition

The Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2020 is open for nature photographers worldwide, both professional and non-professional, young and old. The competition for the category young photographers is open for youngsters who have not yet turned 18 on 10th of May 2020.

All images must be made in unrestricted nature. Images of pets, captive animals and cultivated plants are not permitted. Large grazers and wild animals within extensive grazing or safety fences are considered wild and free.


The Nature Photography of the Year Contest 2020 consists of 12 categories for individual images (adults), a category for young photographers and the Nature Talks Fred Hazelhoff Award for a portfolio.

Group-Role “Standard” 27,50 euro

  • C1 Birds
  • C2 Mammals
  • C3 Other animals
  • C4 Plants and Fungi
  • C5 Landscapes
    Images in categories 1 to 5 should depict the beauty and significance of animals, plants and their habitat. They can display all sorts of subjects: from details to groups, from portraits to overall views, from action-filled behaviour to atmospheric situations, from rare species to common sights, from natural habitats to complete ecosystems.
  • C6 Underwater
    Category 6 is reserved for images depicting the world under water – these may be plants, animals or habitats in both salt and fresh water environments.
  • C7 Natural Art
    Category 7 is for images that focus on colours and shapes or structure in nature. This category is open to photographs in which the photographer shows his or her individual point of view, aesthetic considerations and photographic experimentation.
  • C8 Man and Nature
    Category 8 deals with positive or negative aspects of human interaction with nature.
  • C9 Black & White
    Category 9 is for Black & White images.
  • C10 Animal portraits
    Category 10 is about animal portraits, no matter if it’s a mammal, a bird, an insect or an amphibian or reptile, as long as it’s a striking portrait!
  • C11 Animals of “De Lage Landen”
    Category 11 Animals of “de Lage Landen” is a special category to highlight the beauty of nature in The Netherlands and Belgium, the so called “Lage Landen”. Last year the theme was landscapes, this year it is animals. All photos submitted to this category must be of animals in one of those countries.

Group-Role “Young” Free of charge

  • C12 Youth 10-17 years
    Category 12 invites young photographers to enter their best nature images.

In all categories it’s allowed to enter black & white images.

Group-Role “Portfolio” 16,50 euro

  • C13 Fred Hazelhoff Award (portfolio)
    The Fred Hazelhoff Award is for photographers who send in a coherent portfolio of minimum 8 and maximum 12 images. These can be linked in subject or in the photographers style.


The winners of a category will receive € 500 in prize money (in cash). The runner-ups will win prizes worth € 250 (in products). The highly commended photographers receive the honour and an encouragement. The winner of the youth category will receive a prize worth € 250 (in products). The runner-up in this category will receive a prize worth € 125 (in products).

The category winner of the Nature of “de Lage Landen” will win a long weekend stay in a Buitenleven vakanties vakantiewoning, a holiday home in a spectacular natural setting!

In addition, from the 13 category winners the jury will choose one overall winner who may call him- or herself Nature Photographer of the Year 2019. Next to the category prize, the overall winner will receive a prize to the value of € 2500 (in cash). In total the overall winner will get € 3000 in prize money (in cash)!

All awarded images will be shown in the exhibition at the Nature Talks Photo Festival. After this the exhibition will be traveling through The Netherlands and Belgium.

Besides all these prizes, there is the Fred Hazelhoff Award for the best portfolio. The winner of this category receives a sum of €1000 (in cash) as well as a trophy.

The award ceremony will take place during the Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020 on Saturday the 14th of November 2020 in the Chassé Theatre in Breda, The Netherlands.

Entry Fee


  • Enterance fee of €27,50
  • Upload max 20 Images in Categories C1 to C11


  • Entrance fee of €16,50
  • Upload max 12 photos in Category C13, for the Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award

Standart + Portfolio

  • Entrance fee of €42,50
  • Upload max 20 Images in Categories C1 to C11 + Upload max 12 images to Category C13


  • No entrance fee.
  • Images can be uploaded to Category C12
  • Young photographers between 10-17 years can enter this contest



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