Nature’s Best Photography International Awards

Nature’s Best Photography International Awards

Deadline: April 16, 2020
Entry Fee: $30, Free for Youth
Prizes: $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, publication in the journal, certificates

The Editors of Nature’s Best Photography invite you to enter the 2020 NBP International Awards.

Photos and videos will be reviewed by our Judging Panel of experts in photography, wildlife, conservation, and film.

Winners are selected for overall appeal, originality, conformity to rules, and technical quality.

We are seeking images that convey the beauty and diversity of nature in the following categories. Include dramatic portraits, animal behavior, humorous displays, intimate interactions, young animals at play, macro closeups, sweeping landscapes, and other creative approaches to the art of photography.


  • African Wildlife
    Photographs of wild animals in Africa, including Madagascar and offshore island groups. Includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and fish within their natural habitats.
  • Polar Passion
    Wildlife and landscapes found in the Earth’s Arctic, Subarctic, Antarctic, and Subantarctic regions. Includes polar bears, penguins, birds, seals, walruses, whales, and other wildlife as well as wide views of these spectacular and diverse ecosystems and their seasonal and climatic changes.
  • Wildlife
    Wild animals (outside of Africa and Polar regions) in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Includes mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and insects, etc., photographed within their natural habitats.
  • Birds
    Wild birds (outside of Africa and Polar regions) in natural habitats displaying plumage, mating rituals, territorial battles, nesting, feeding, parenting, or other behaviors, adults with young, and portraits.
  • Animal Antics
    Wild animals from any location conveying humorous or surprising behavior in natural settings. Situations may include funny expressions, young playing, awkward positions or situations. Basically, any wildlife image that immediately makes you smile.
  • Art in Nature
    Naturally occurring artistic compositions of wildlife and landscapes, highlighting design, patterns, color, shapes, and textures. Subjects presented in imaginative, graphic, macro, and other creative perspectives.
  • Landscapes
    Dramatic scenes (outside of Polar regions) taken from the ground or air of the world’s wild places providing expansive views, plant life such as flowers, trees, and other flora in natural habitats.
  • Ocean Views
    The realm of the sea photographed above, below, and around the ocean’s surface: tide pools, coral reefs, marine life, waves, seascapes, and creatures who depend upon the ocean for survival. The finalists in this category are also published in Alert Diver magazine and online website.
  • Outdoor Adventure
    People enjoying the outdoors: backpackers, kayakers, divers, hikers, climbers, camping, caving, skiing, running, skydiving, ballooning, etc., in natural settings.
  • Video
    High definition video is an important means of sharing outdoor observations and experiences.
    We invite you to share your story, whether your entry is a produced film documentary or a video from your phone. (Each will be judged and recognized separately.) We are interested in impactful wildlife behavior, people enjoying nature, storytelling, and conservation messaging. Time-lapse and aerial videos are welcome.
    Upload your submission through YouTube, Vimeo, or other viewing platforms and provide us with the link (and password, if necessary).


  • Grand Prize / The Windland Smith Rice Award: $5,000 USD
    Best single image. Cash prize, Awards Plaque, publication in the Awards Edition of Nature’s Best Photography magazine, video, online presentations, and portfolio feature.
  • Youth Photographer of the Year Award: $3,000 USD
    Best single image by a photographer 18 years of age or younger as of April 16, 2020.
    Cash prize, Awards Plaque, publication in the Awards Edition of Nature’s Best Photography magazine, video, online presentations, and portfolio feature.
  • Conservation Story Award: $2,000 USD
    Recognizing outstanding documentation and public awareness outreach by an individual or a team for their conservation efforts. Cash prize, Awards Plaque, publication in the Awards edition and online presentations.
  • Category Winners: $1,000 USD each ($10,000 USD total)
    Best in each category. Cash prize, Awards Plaque, publication in the Awards Edition, inclusion in video and online presentations.
  • Highly Honored Category Finalists:
    Category finalists. Awards Certificate, publication in the Awards Edition, and online presentations.

Entry Fee

  • $30 USD for Adults for up to 25 images per entry
  • Free Entry for Youth (18 or under as of April 16, 2020)



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