LensCulture Exposure Awards 2018 Winners

LensCulture Exposure Awards


Setting the Stage | North Korea, © Eddo Hartmann, Netherlands, 1st Place Series, LensCulture Exposure Awards
Setting the Stage | North Korea
© Eddo Hartmann, Netherlands
1st Place Series

Having made four trips to Pyongyang over the last few years, Eddo Hartmann has created this refined project to portray the North Korean regime’s ambition to construct the ultimate socialist city while completely shaping the lives of its inhabitants after this ideal model.

After the total destruction of the capital during the Korean War (1950-1953), the government seized the opportunity to rebuild Pyongyang from the ground up and convert it into the perfect propaganda setting. The buildings were designed to provide all inhabitants with a utopian background for their everyday routine and immortalise the socialist revolution.


Living Entity, © Giulio Di Sturco, United Kingdom, 2nd Place Series, LensCulture Exposure Awards
Living Entity
© Giulio Di Sturco, United Kingdom
2nd Place Series

The Ganges River is a symbol of Indian civilization as old as Athens and Jerusalem, a source of poetry and legend, now on the brink of an ecological crisis. For centuries people have journeyed here to the heart of Hindu culture in India.

For more than seven years Giulio Di Sturco documented the lives of the people who live along the river Ganges, witnessing first hand the devastating effects of climate change, industrialization and urbanization.


It's Hard to Kill, © Fatemeh Baigmoradi, United States, 3rd Place Series, LensCulture Exposure Awards
It’s Hard to Kill
© Fatemeh Baigmoradi, United States
3rd Place Series

“It’s hard to kill history. The beliefs and thoughts of other people, no matter how obscured, can never be erased.” A powerful look at the stubborn nature of memory, even in the face of repression, censorship, or death.


Amadou Sumaila, © César Dezfuli, Spain, 1st Place Single, LensCulture Exposure Awards
Amadou Sumaila
© César Dezfuli, Spain
1st Place Single

On 1st August 2016, 118 people were rescued from a rubber boat drifting in the Mediterranean Sea, 20 nautical miles far from the Libyan coast. One more of the hundreds of boats that have been rescued from this migratory route in the past years. Only in 2016, when historical records were beaten, 181.436 migrants were rescued safe, while 4.576 lost their lives at sea.

Here are the protagonist and passengers of that rescue, that one more rescue, that took place in the Mediterranean Sea on 1st August 2016.


Mum in Bed, © Nina Roeder, Germany, 2nd Place Single, LensCulture Exposure Awards
Mum in Bed
© Nina Roeder, Germany
2nd Place Single

My grandparents Franz & Theresia Protschka have been expelled after the Second Worldwar from Bohemia and lost everything they had. Therefore it was almost impossible for them to throw anything away when they built up a new life in Germany.

They were both around 90 years old when they died last year. Unfortunately we had to sell the house both have lived in for more than 60 years. This house in the franconian province in Germany had been the centre for our family.

One way not being too sad about loosing this house with all the memories in it, was to do absurd things on the photographs.


The Arrest of Luis Theis, © Anthony Ascer Aparicio, Venezuela, 3rd Place Single, LensCulture Exposure Awards
The Arrest of Luis Theis
© Anthony Ascer Aparicio, Venezuela
3rd Place Single


LensCulture Exposure Awards



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