FIBA Photo Contest

FIBA Photo Contest

Opening: January 14, 2019
Deadline: April 30, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: ₣1,000, ₣2,000, ₣3,000, FIBA official licence products, participation in the exhibition

Theme: How does basketball change lives?

Participate in third photo contest with your three best pictures.


FIBA Photo Contest 2018 Winners

My Home, My Playground, © Mario Bejagan Cardenas, 1st Place Winner Gold Medal, FIBA Photo Contest
My Home, My Playground
© Mario Bejagan Cardenas
1st Place Winner Gold Medal

A photo from my documentary series. Children playing basketball at the cemetery, they have few spectators but the dead is their biggest fan.


Basketball and Fashion, © Stepan Chubaev, 2nd Place Silver Medal, FIBA Photo Contest
Basketball and Fashion
© Stepan Chubaev
2nd Place Silver Medal

Model Rita Oogol’nikova


Haiti Before Earthquake, © JM Lopez, 3rd Place, Bronze Medal, FIBA Photo Contest
Haiti Before Earthquake
© JM Lopez
3rd Place, Bronze Medal

A group of guys are playing a basket match at a park of the centre of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. July 2004


We are All Responsible for Realizing the..., © Ruhollah Dehghani, 4th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
We are All Responsible for Realizing the…
© Ruhollah Dehghani
4th Place


Basketball. A Game With a Shadow, © Sergei Koliaskin, 5th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
Basketball. A Game With a Shadow
© Sergei Koliaskin
5th Place

Boy on the street in Havana playing basketball


Aspiration, © Zonah, 6th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
© Zonah
6th Place

The life she has chosen is a different one, but the world she was born into gives no room for that. It’s a world where women are trained just be wives and mothers. Her father couldn’t tell what and who inspired her. Udoma had cried her way into getting a basketball as her birthday present but since she has no opportunity of learning because of her environment instead she plays with the ball around the vicinity for fun and for the love of the game. Lagos, Nigeria


Fly Ball, Fly, © Mario Radakovic, 7th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
Fly Ball, Fly
© Mario Radakovic
7th Place

When I think a little bit better, and go to twelve years back, as if I can see myself on the school pitch, and throw the ball, and again, and again …. and more.


Er Rachidia, © Daniel Arroniz, 8th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
Er Rachidia
© Daniel Arroniz
8th Place

Durante el verano, los niños de la ciudad marroquí de Er Rachidia se apuntan a diferentes campamentos para poder disfrutar de las actividades que les preparan los voluntarios. Qué mejor manera que divertirse jugando al baloncesto.


Basketball is Art, © Dominik Gradischnig, 9th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
Basketball is Art
© Dominik Gradischnig
9th Place

Its a simply black and white version of a schoolyard basket


A Little Basketball Player, © Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, 10th Place, FIBA Photo Contest
A Little Basketball Player
© Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
10th Place

After typhoon Haiyan, many aid agencies made makeshift camps for people in Cebu. A boy is practicing basketball in a yard. Cebu, Philippines


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