Cadiz PhotoNature Nature Photography Contest

Cadiz Photonature 2019

Deadline: September 15, 2019
Entry fee: €20
Prizes: €300, €500, €1,250, €6,000, valuable prizes, digital diplomas

Cádiz PhotoNature invite from this moment to all nature photographers, to show its best works and to participate in a unique event.

This photo contest will feature a jury composed of photographers of recognized prestige, and is endowed with more than €25,000 in prizes and divided into 10 thematic categories.


You can enter the contest anyone over 18, of any nationality, who is the author and owner of all rights to the images submitted for the contest.


  • General Fauna
    Mammals, reptiles and amphibians at any stage of their life and any natural context
  • World of Birds
    Birds in general at any stage of their life and any natural context, including in aquatic environments
  • Small Worlds
    Photograph of the approximation of any form of life or tiny natural elements in their natural environment, with the macro world (insects and details of any natural element in any medium except in aquatic environments) having a place in this category
  • Natural Landscapes
    The photography of natural landscapes or any element of these in any field (mountain, sea, forest, …), except underwater landscapes
  • Art and Nature
    Creative images of animals, plants, landscapes or abstractions in the environment of nature
  • Vegetal World
    Vegetable species, flora and mycology
  • Submarine World
    Underwater photography, both in fresh and salty waters, of flora, fauna and habitats
  • Man and Nature
    Images that show the human interaction with the natural environment, in a positive as well as a negative sense, taking place in this category photographs of ecological denunciation
  • Nature Stories
    Stories of nature told through photography. Any set or sequence of related or related images (minimum of 5 photographs and maximum of 8), which do not necessarily have to be taken at the same time, circumstance or place, but in which there is a common thread or pattern of Connection
  • Nature Short Video
    Video, film or documentary about nature, referring its theme to any of those described for the previous categories

Each participant may submit up to 20 photos distributed in any category, being these original and not having won awards in other competitions. Submitting the same photography in more than one category is not allowed.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are 20 Euros regardless of the number of photos submitted.


  • Overall Winner of Cadiz Photonature – €6,000
  • Category Winner – €1,250
  • 1 Honorable Mention of Category – €500
  • 2 Honorable Mention of Category – €300
  • Finalists will be listed to be published in the contest website. Top 10 finalist images for each category, including the winners, will be posted
  • All winners and finalists will receive a digital diploma accrediting their award
  • The Organization will incorporate new Additional Prizes that will be duly announced and published on the competition website



Circulation(s) Festival
Circulation(s) Festival


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