Wow Photo Awards

Wow Photo Awards

Opening: May 1, 2019
Deadline: July 31, 2019
Entry fee: $2.5
Prizes: $1,000, $2,000, International Trips, Trophies & Certificates, Participation in the Exhibition

WOW PHOTO AWARDS is crafted to encourage the world’s most outstanding and talented souls in the field of photography focusing Travel and Tourism.

“WOW PHOTO AWARDS” is an open contest to all Professionals and Amateur Photographers across the world.

WOW PHOTO AWARDS 2019 submissions starts from 1st May 2019 under 12 categories.

Top 6 Winners to get International Photo Challenge Trip , 2 Grand Winners and 100 Best Photo Appreciation Awards and more.


  • World of Smiles
    Kids Smile, Local Beauty, Portraits, Smiling Faces, Joy & Gratitude, Ecstasy, Big Smile, Happy Faces
  • Bird’s Eye View
    Aerial Photography, Perspective View, Panorama, High Angle, Top Angle, Drone Shots, Wide Angle, Fish-Eye
  • Creative in Focus
    Long Exposure, Reflections, Light Painting, Star Bust, And Low Light, Multiple Exposures, Motion Blur, Light Trails
  • Action & Motion
    Moving Shots, High Speed, Action Photography, Sports & Adventure, Jumping, Dance Movements, Skating And Wheeling
  • Joy of Celebration
    Festivals, Joy of Colours, Cultural Events, Local Events, Holidays, Weddings
  • Nature’s Miracle
    Sunrise & Sunset, Mountains, Rain, Waterfalls, Seasons, Rainbows, Trees, Oceans, Green Meadows
  • Wanderlust
    Road, Rail, Water, Air, Travel & Travellers Related
  • Taste Buds
    Food Styles, Art of Food Preparation, Street Foods, Taste of Culture
  • Architecture
    Indoor & Outdoor, Building Designs, Infrastructure
  • Animal Kingdom
    Forest, Flora & Fauna, Marine Species, Wildlife
  • Lifestyle
    Real-Life Events, Portraits, Culture, Shopping, Stories About People’s Life
  • Happy Street
    Streets & Roads, Graffiti, Silhouettes, Market, Transport, Subway, Bridges


WOW PHOTO of the Year 2019

  • International Surprise Trip
  • US$2000 Grand
  • WOW Photo Awards Trophy
  • Photo Published in Exclusive International PR

WOW Creative Eye Award 2019

  • International Surprise Trip
  • US$1000 Grand
  • WOW Photo Awards Trophy
  • Photo Published in Exclusive International PR

6 Explorer Awards

  • All Paid International Trip
  • WOW Photo Awards Trophy

12 Best Category Awards

  • WOW AWARDS Trophy & Certificates

100 BEST WOW Appreciation Awards

  • Appreciation Certificates



Huawei Next-Image Awards
Huawei Next-Image Awards


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