Black and White Call for Entries

Black and White Call for Entries

Deadline: May 13, 2019
Entry fee: $10 for up to 3 entries and $5 for each additional image
Prizes: $100, participation in the exhibition, certificates is hosting the photography contest “Black and White 2019”. There will be 1 grant winner and 9 honorable mentions. This competition is open to all photographers worldwide.

Color can powerful, but black and white images can evoke emotion more vividly than even the most colorful photograph by stripping away the distractions of color in a photo, baring only the essentials. Black and white images reveal tone and contrast, shape, shadow and highlight, texture, form, depth, and light quality. Capturing these elements in a photograph can be challenging unless you are a seasoned professional. Photographers must see in tone in order to take an exceptional black and white photograph. This contest challenges the photographer to see in black and white and tell the story seen in their mind’s eye.

Ten photographers will be selected for an online group exhibit, “Black and White 2019”; the exhibit and photographers will be extensively marketed on website and over the internet, including YouTube. In this exhibit the selected artist’s photos along with the photographers name, title, and size of the photo will be displayed.

One photographer’s work will be selected to receive the “Bobby Lashomb Photography Grant” of $100. This artist’s work will become the image of the exhibition and will be used on the invitation, video title screen and on all online presentations.

Ten photographers will receive an photography contest certificate through the website and will be available for life.

Theme and Selection

Black and white images can add mystery to a photograph. Whether it be a landscape, portrait, architecture, still life, street, abstract, etc., a photograph represents what the photographer “sees” conveyed to the viewer using a visual depiction.

The curators will be looking for pure black and white, not monochrome, photographs for this contest. Creativity, quality of execution, composition, and uniqueness of vision will be key elements of the winning photo.

Present your best “black and white” photographs using tone and contrast, shape, shadow and highlight, texture, form, depth, and light quality expressed using any genre from realism to abstraction.



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