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ND Awards Photo Contest


ND Photographer of the Year 2018
ND Architectural Photographer of the Year 2018

© Cyrus Cornut, France
Chongqing, on the Four Shores of Passing Time

© Cyrus Cornut, France, Chongqing, on the Four Shores of Passing Time, ND Photographer of the Year 2018, ND Awards Photo Contest

Chongqing municipality, People’s Republic of China, population of 34 million.
One of the world’s highest demographic and economic growth rates.
The central urban area of 15 million souls is infused by almost 300 000 newcomers every year. Chongqing, the “Mountain City,” at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialang Rivers, struggles to break through the fog that covers it all year long.

Heir to the displaced from the Three Gorges dam and daughter to the Beijing authorities – who upgraded her to a municipality, raising her up to the same heights as her big sisters on the East coast – Chongqing has developed at a dizzying speed. Urban forms and infrastructure have sprung up, gravity-defying, embracing the shorelines of its four banks, each of them steeply carved out by the current of the water. The speed of urbanization has outperformed overtaken the slow rhythm of the fishermen, the erosion of the rivers, the powerful hatching of the mountains.

The uninterrupted dance of the cranes and the excavators stack people ever higher in an unsettling quickness. No obstacle remains to stop the skyscrapers from surging up. They reproduce themselves almost identically, like metastases. The transport networks cross the water, pierce through the rock, and climb the hills, defiant of the power of the elements. The river has become the artery that the makes beat an economic heart that is resolutely turned towards the economic conquest of the West by way of the new silk road.

Only the banks, almost wild, resist, remaining allied with the river and its caprices. People sitting on its embankments watch it meander, watch their sightlines get blocked out and its banks grow thicker. Here and there they still cultivate a few food-producing gardens while they wait fatalistically for the last bits of bare land to disappear.


ND Discovery of the Year 2018
ND People Discovery of the Year 2018

© Alberto Del Hoyo Mora, Spain
Mystic Valley Warriors

ND Discovery of the Year 2018, © Alberto Del Hoyo Mora, Spain, Mystic Valley Warriors, ND Awards Photo Contest

The Omo Valley encompases 69%of Ethiopia’s 78 ethnic groups that make up a large outdoor ethnographic museum. An orthodox Christian country surrounded by an ocean of Islam; The only one ever colonized; One of the poorest in the world

The series “Mystic Valley” tries to show the cultural richness of the Suri warriors. Proud warriors tribes full of tradition.

At dusk, as the sun faded and as the land cooled, the scent of the Omo River and air took on the smell of tannins.


Professional Winners

ND Editorial Photographer of the Year 2018

© Keziah Kelsey, United States

ND Editorial Photographer of the Year 2018, © Keziah Kelsey, United States, Mothering, ND Awards Photo Contest

My work centers around raw motherhood and the idea of being ‘touched out’; in constant contact with our young children, we are both in love and exhausted.


ND Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2018

© Kako Abraham, United Kingdom
Drag Me

ND Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2018, © Kako Abraham, United Kingdom, Drag Me, ND Awards Photo Contest

Bewilderment, discomfort. The brain tries to pigeonhole the images in a binary way. If you have a beard you must be a man. If you wear dress and makeup, you must be a woman. But it’s not like that.

Ambiguity, rupture. The tyranny of the genre breaks with each portrait. Two options that become a spectrum full of colors, brightness and shapes. And of liberation.

Transgression, ecstasy. The stereotypes of the feminine and the masculine are exacerbated to irony. The playful handling of sexuality leads to a universe of fun. Without rules.

Drag Me by Kako Abraham is a photographic series starring five drag queens from the United States. These are real artistic characters, created to attract, entertain and shock on a stage. Drag Me is then his maximum performance: one that must remain forever immortalized in the here and now.


ND Nature Photographer of the Year 2018

© Sami Kero, Finland
Ice Hole

ND Nature Photographer of the Year 2018, © Sami Kero, Finland, Ice Hole, ND Awards Photo Contest

Hole in the Ice – winter swimming in Finland. Pictures are taken in early 2017 (Jan-March) by a drone.


ND People Photographer of the Year 2018

© Lara Wilde, Germany
Exposed Landyscapes

ND People Photographer of the Year 2018, © Lara Wilde, Germany, Exposed Landyscapes, ND Awards Photo Contest

It started as a portrait project in my hometown: the beautiful city of Berlin, where everything is shiny and full of action and adventure. But like every big city, the urban feeling stops at the doorstep and gives room for everything that is left. Behind closed doors we take of our daily masks, strip down to something we could call another identity.


ND Special Photographer of the Year 2018

© Hardijanto Budiman, Indonesia
Seek And Ye Shall Find

ND Special Photographer of the Year 2018, © Hardijanto Budiman, Indonesia, Seek And Ye Shall Find, ND Awards Photo Contest

I made this picture series inspired by one of the chapter in the Bible, Mathew 7 : 7
[ Ask and it shall be given to you, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you ]

The picture itself a little influenced by Salvador Dali artworks
I try to experiment with my own interpretation & style.


Non-Professional Winners

ND Architectural Discovery of the Year 2018

© Philipp Dase, Germany
Cold Harbor

ND Architectural Discovery of the Year 2018, © Philipp Dase, Germany, Cold Harbor, ND Awards Photo Contest

A series of images shot during a fierce winter snowstorm around the Wismar (Germany) harbor area. I loved how the snow turned the usually loud and dirty area into a quiet winterscape, a moment of stillness.


ND Fine Art Discovery of the Year 2018

© Titus Poplawski, Poland
Morning and Evening

ND Fine Art Discovery of the Year 2018, © Titus Poplawski, Poland, Morning and Evening, ND Awards Photo Contest

Lisia Photomodel


ND Nature Discovery of the Year 2018

© Edwig Vanhassel Belgium
Misty forest

ND Nature Discovery of the Year 2018, © Edwig Vanhassel Belgium, Misty forest, ND Awards Photo Contest

The picture was taken on the 25/9/2017 in a small beechforest in Vollezele, Belgium. It was a misty morning with nice conditions.


ND Special Discovery of the Year 2018

© Farida Alam Bangladesh
Courage of Solace

ND Special Discovery of the Year 2018, © Farida Alam Bangladesh, Courage of Solace, ND Awards Photo Contest

Perfection? Does it involve the immaculate display of façade or the impeccable gist of purity and endeavor not seen by the naked eye?

Belal is a dreamer, optimist, and fighter. He has been at war since the first gush of air entered into his lungs. His nemesis is something he did not choose, it is something we take for granted in our lives; his own body.

Belal lives in Barisal, a suburb city of Bangladesh. He was born without any arm and later identified as a midget as he grew older. I first came to know about Belal in mid of last year and met the young heart in July 2018.

With all these obstacles in life, he refuses defeat, he strives forward breaking down the hurdles of everyday life. This adamant warrior has disinterred the secret to overcoming fear in his stride towards a better tomorrow. The undying spirit has recently set a new height for himself by enrolling into the next level of his education, “Alim”, following his outstanding result in “Dakhil Examination”; both of which are benchmarks in Islamic Curriculum of education.

He does not march alone. His family, especially the guardian angel who had carried him for nine months in her womb and continues to be a canopy for every day-to-day activity, is the silent impetus that guides him to break through the never-ending array of boundaries. It all began when his mother, being aware of the fast pace of this generation, began pushing him to write with his legs from his very childhood. He might not be the stereotypical definition of “perfection”, but his story of boundless love and undefeated mental strength is beyond exemplary.


ND Awards Photo Contest



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