FUNIBER Photo Contest 2019 - PHotoFUNIBER


FUNIBER Photo Contest – PHotoFUNIBER

FUNIBER Photo Contest - PHotoFUNIBER

Opening: February 25, 2019
Deadline: March 18, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €200, €300, €400, 50%, 80% scholarship to study, participation in the exhibition, diplomas

FUNIBER, in collaboration with the European University of the Atlantic, the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Mexico), the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (UNINCOL) and the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Puerto Rico) launches its first edition of the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest.

FUNIBER organizes the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest as a moment to take a break to contemplate the world and its diversity. Being present in more than 30 countries thanks to the online training, with students, professors and researchers from across the globe, we value plurality and talent. We promote effort and connection.

We appreciate critical but positive looks on the future.

In the FUNIBER’s Cultural Work framework, we have created the PHotoFUNIBER’19 contest with the aim of claiming a look that reflects the global diversity, beauty, mystery and fragility, the social cooperation, the perfection or the imperfection, the solidarity and social cooperation, making us be more sensitive to human intelligence and creativity.


  • Nature
    Nature environments photos, fauna, flora, and other nature elements
  • Heritage
    Photos of cultural elements such as architecture, dance, gastronomy, craft, music, etc.
  • Photojournalism
    Photos that show the human complexities through people, facts and actions that represent human values such as solidarity, cooperation, education and personal development
  • Creative
    Artistic and creative photos in which the photo has a message, with or without digital or handmade manipulation



Monochrome by Blank Wall Gallery
Monochrome by Blank Wall Gallery