Communication Arts Photography Competition 2018 Gallery

Communication Arts Photography Competition


Next Generation, Environmental / Education, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Next Generation
Photography / Environmental / Education

Jean-François Seguin, photographer
Christian Rousseau, assistant photographer
William Abranson, art director
Mirjam Sanderud, creative director
Erin Beveridge, photo manager
Michelle Montanari, retoucher
Toronto Environmental Alliance, client

“Used for an environmental awareness campaign that helps kids in elementary schools in the Toronto, Canada, area realize that there is a generation younger than theirs.”



Borne Back, Photography / Books / Entertainment, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Borne Back
Photography / Books / Entertainment

Victoria Will, photographer
Elizabeth Avedon, design editor
Peanut Press, publisher/client

“Borne Back, the debut book from photographer Victoria Will, features her tintype photographs of actors and directors at the Sundance Film Festival. By taking advantage of the vintage look achieved with a large-format camera and the wet-plate collodion process, Will brings a different light to the faces we see photographed so often.”



Monument Valley Parking Lot, Photography / For Sale / Travel/Transportation, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Monument Valley Parking Lot
Photography / For Sale / Travel/Transportation

Ty Cole, photographer
“Monument Valley buttes, taken from the visitor center parking lot. Direct print sales from my website.”



Rah the Alpaca, Photography / For Sale / Art/Design, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Rah the Alpaca
Photography / For Sale / Art/Design

Peter Samuels, photographer/art director
“One in a series of animal portraits. Rah, an alpaca, earns his keep by selling his locks three times a year. Image used for promotion, for stock imagery and as artwork for sale on my online storefront.”



ComEd Ice Box Derby, Photography / Posters / Lifestyle, Communication Arts Photography Competition
ComEd Ice Box Derby
Photography / Posters / Lifestyle

Lucy Hewett, photographer
Jesus Alvarez, art director
Tracie Roberson, writer
George Apfelbach, associate creative director
Jim Stallman, creative director
Natalia Kowaleczko, design director
Colleen Capola, art producer
Brenda Whaley, producer
Jamie Bayer, retoucher
Lavi Toma, prop stylist
Karen Brody, makeup artist
Leo Burnett, ad agency
Commonwealth Edison, client

“The campaign was printed as bus stop ads, street banners and a large backdrop installation at the 2017 edition of ComEd’s annual Icebox Derby, which encourages young girls to become part of the STEM workforce of the future.” Headlines: The STEM stars will see you now; Ready for takeoff; Driven to the core; The sky is not the limit; History is her story.



Puerto Rico is Still There, Photography / Editorial / News, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Puerto Rico is Still There
Photography / Editorial / News

Carol Guzy/Carol Guzy, ZUMA Wire Service, photographers
Mark Avery/James K. Colton/Seth Greenberg/Julie Rogers/Ruaridh I. Stewart/Shalan Stewart, picture editors
Scott Mc Kiernan, director of photography
DOUBLEtruck Magazine, client

“Irma Maldanado holds her bird, Sussury, in what’s left of her home after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico.”



The Last Veterans of WWII, Photography / Books / Politics/Social Issues, Communication Arts Photography Competition
The Last Veterans of WWII
Photography / Books / Politics/Social Issues

Richard Bell, photographer/writer
Bob Biondi, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., editor
Pete Schiffer, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., client

“In The Last Veterans of World War II: Portraits and Memories, Richard Bell presents his subjects juxtaposed with images of their youthful selves that serve as a visual bridge to the expanse of their life experiences.”



Dinnertime, Photography / For Sale / Entertainment, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Photography / For Sale / Entertainment

Jason Edwards, photographer
National Geographic Creative, client

“An Atlantic puffin uses its specially adapted tongue to hold a meal of slippery sand eels in its colorful bill. This image was created while I was on assignment for National Geographic. It was then selected for archive and use by National Geographic Creative and the National Geographic Society. The image is also available for license through National Geographic Creative.”



Le'Veon Bell, Photography / Environmental / Sports, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Le’Veon Bell
Photography / Environmental / Sports

Tim Tadder, photographer
Eric Wright, art director
New Era Cap Company, client

“Football player Le’Veon Bell. Used in stores and stadiums for the launch of the 2017 National Football League season, with the tagline ‘Embrace the Season.’”



Mûrir en Paix, Photography / Print Advertising / Business, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Mûrir en Paix
Photography / Print Advertising / Business

Martin Tremblay, photographer/digital artist
Guillaume Lépine, assistant photographer
Etienne Rochon, art director
Malia Morsly, stylist
Martine L’Heureux, makeup artist
Aanagram, ad agency
Fédération des coopératives funéraires du Québec, client

Mûrir en paix (Repose in peace). “Series for a cooperative of funeral homes.”



The New York Pigeon (Behind the Feathers), Photography / Books / Entertainment, Communication Arts Photography Competition
The New York Pigeon (Behind the Feathers)
Photography / Books / Entertainment

Andrew Garn, photographer/art director/designer
powerHouse Books, client

“The New York Pigeon: Behind the Feathers, by Andrew Garn, is a photographic exploration of the beauty and splendor of New York City’s ubiquitous bird. It includes close-up studio portraits, flight studies, and a brief history of the connection between pigeons and humans.”



Goodhero, Photography / Print Advertising / Politics/Social Issues, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Photography / Print Advertising / Politics/Social Issues

Raeff Miles, photographer
Jeremy Grice, creative director
Spring Advertising, ad agency
Goodhero Submarine Sandwiches, client

“Goodhero is a not-for-profit submarine sandwich stand based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In an effort to raise awareness of food waste, ingredients are sourced from almost-expired foods that grocery stores and markets can no longer sell. All proceeds go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and leftover sandwiches are given to people in need. These images are featured mainly through social media and online channels. When budgets permit, they will be used on a larger scale in more traditional media.”



Trump Stirring the Already Explosive Teapot, Photography / Editorial / Politics/Social Issues, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Trump Stirring the Already Explosive Teapot
Photography / Editorial / Politics/Social Issues

Wisam Hashlamoun, photographer
Mark Avery/James K. Colton/Seth Greenberg/Julie Rogers/Ruaridh I. Stewart/Shalan Stewart, picture editors
Scott Mc Kiernan, director of photography
DOUBLEtruck Magazine, client

“Palestinians protest after Trump makes Jerusalem the new site for the US embassy to Israel. The resolve of the Palestinian people in the face of yet another setback in their desire for independence.”



Luke Evans for The Alienist, Photography / Print Advertising / Entertainment, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Luke Evans for The Alienist
Photography / Print Advertising / Entertainment

James Minchin III, photographer
Michael Kochman, creative director
Matthew Rond, photo editor
TNT + TBS Marketing, client

“James Minchin III took this portrait of actor Luke Evans while photographing marketing materials on the set of TNT’s original series The Alienist in Budapest, Hungary.”



Lost in Tokyo, Photography / Digital Advertising / Fashion/Beauty, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Lost in Tokyo
Photography / Digital Advertising / Fashion/Beauty

Chris Straley, photographer
Jeff Samaripa, art director
Michael Minter, creative director
Kristy Charroin, producer
KEEN Footwear, client

“This image was captured while walking around the streets of Tokyo for a KEEN Footwear ad campaign in 2018. I wanted to show the chaos that you would experience from a first-person perspective. The image was used across all of KEEN’s marketing platforms, including print advertising, digital and social media.”



Boris YMCA, Photography / Posters / Lifestyle, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Boris YMCA
Photography / Posters / Lifestyle

George Simhoni, Westside Studio, photographer
Jordan Bowden/Rick Kemp, art directors
Rick Kemp, writer/executive creative director
Mark Tyler, digital artist
BrandHealth, ad agency
YMCA of Greater Toronto, client

“Part of a series of giant posters placed on buildings in Toronto, Canada. The YMCA of Greater Toronto was looking to increase the membership of its Health & Fitness offering. It faced stiff competition in a highly competitive marketplace; but unlike everyone else, the Y is a charitable organization that gives back to the community with its membership. We used this truth and the universality of sweat to challenge perceptions and inspire people to break a sweat where it matters more.” Headline: Sweating for your community.



Beach Girl, Photography / Self-Promotion / Art/Design, Communication Arts Photography Competition
Beach Girl
Photography / Self-Promotion / Art/Design

Dana Smith, photographer

“Portrait of a girl at the beach. This image was used in direct email promos, on social media and in direct-mail prints to select clients.”


Communication Arts Photography Competition



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