Faces of the World International Portrait Exhibition – The Budapest Diary

Faces of the World International Portrait Exhibition - The Budapest Diary

Deadline: September 1, 2019
Entry fee: 150 SEK (Swedish kronor)
Prizes: Participation in the Exhibition

The Budapest Diary is delighted to announce its brand new international open call for amateur and professional photographers. Faces of the World invites artists to explore the diverse layers of portraiture and documentary photography by capturing the essence of a moment, a gaze, a sudden or well-structured moment, a laugh, a cry, or love… all in all by freezing the essence of life.

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”
Peter Adams

The motto of this competitive exhibition, by Peter Adams, summarizes the main idea of what photography is about. What matters is not technique or machine quality, all photographs are valid as long as it communicates with the viewer. The selection committee, therefore, is looking for captures with a multi-layered depth of feelings, disregarding major technical or theoretical photography knowledge and skill requirements. This allows several doors to be opened for amateur and hobby photographers, giving opportunity to photography lovers around the world to come together and celebrate diversity, the Faces of the World.


  • Open for all amateur and professional photographers (beginners are highly encouraged)
  • Organized by The Budapest Diary
  • Submission of photos: in e-mail to info@budapestdiary.com
  • Deadline of submission: September 1, 2019. midnight
  • Application fee: 150 SEK (Swedish kronor) that can be paid at www.budapestdiary.com/fee
  • All applicants are notified in e-mail maximum 8 days after the deadline
  • Exhibition: Budapest, Hungary // 2019 FALL // FMK
  • International Jury: all members TBC
    – Alice Maselnikova – Creative Director of Supermarket Independent Art Fair (Stockholm)
    – Daniel Nagy, Founder of The Budapest Diary
    – TBC

Website: https://www.budapestdiary.com/opencall


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